I am currently looking for home based roles (during Covid-19 lockdown).

My expectation is  £70-75,000 P.A. My expertise is continuous integration for Drupal development. For more details please take a look around this website before contacting me. My latest C.V. is here. I have particular interests in working for charity organizations based in Africa, engineering, space exploration, and television please Skype me if you have an opening meeting these criteria - carl.hinton7.

I am available for small ad-hoc projects that can be completed in evenings / weekends. Also for guest speaking appointments and consultancy of that nature, appearance rates apply, please contact me should you require more information.

My preference for work locations are (in order) London, Birmingham, Macedonia, Europe, United States, Tanzania, Israel, Home.

My preference is for long term permanent roles rather than  short term contracts.

I am particularly interested in working for the following organizations: NASA, ESA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Orbital ATK, Sierra Nevada space systems, Space systems loral, Space X, Bill and Malinda Gates foundation, SOS children's villages, Marie Curie, The ramblers, Grassroot, Doctors without borders, Samaritans purse, National Geographic, New Scientist.

If possible I would ask you to please avoid sending me emails regarding irrelevant job roles.